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School Dance/Prom DJ Services

Bringing energy to the evening, your DJ will act as master of ceremonies for your prom or homecoming, introducing the prom/homecoming court, announcing special events, and interacting with students throughout the evening. With wall to wall lighting creating a fun atmosphere, dance lighting illuminating a vivacious dance floor, a live cam giving the party Hollywood flair, and streamers sweeping the ceiling, it will be an event no high school student will forget!
Students Pick the Music

With a huge library of over 50,000 songs, the options are endless. Students will love the opportunity to make song requests prior to the event, and they can see what other classmates are requesting! This list will even tally the total number of requests for each song, so the DJ is sure to play the most popular songs at your school, not just what is popular on the radio! The DJ’s computer, filled with over 50,000 songs, will be able to satisfy requests instantly all night long.
Radio Edited Music

The DJ will only play music that is radio edited for content to ensure it is appropriate for high school students.