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Now That’s A Great Question…

We know that you are making a lot of big decisions right now and the music part of your reception ranks right up near the top of important decisions to make. Hiring your DJ requires more than just picking someone out of the phone book or looking for just the cheapest deal. Below are the most frequently asked questions that we are asked when someone is considering hiring a DJ.

What sets you apart from the other DJs in the area?

Our level of experience in the industry and the professionalism we demonstrate places Big Time Sound second to none. We put out a high quality product each and every weekend and we encourage our clients to get involved in the planning process, because after all this is your event. Our goal is to make sure it’s one people remember above all others, and for all the right reasons. Don’t let the fact that we are a new company sway you away from us. Our company may be new, but Chris and Jim have performed at hundreds of weddings over the years, and know how to provide top of the line service.

Are you licensed and insured?

YES! Big Time Sound is licensed. We carry liability insurance to protect you and your guests. 99% of venues won’t allow an outside vendor through their doors without some type of liability insurance.

Seeing how Big Time Sound is owner operated, what happens if for some reason my DJ becomes unavailable or incapacitated on the date of my event?

With Big Time Sound, owners Chris AND Jim DJ at every show. So even if one of them is unable to DJ, you would still have one of the owners DJing at your event. We understand that on rare occasions things may happen that are beyond anyone’s control. For that very reason, should something take place that would prevent both Chris and Jim from being present, we have a close working relationship with other trusted and reputable owner/operated DJ companies in Rochester more than willing to step up to the plate and provide you with the superior customer service and entertainment services in your DJ’s absence. In these rare cases, the alternate DJ would be contracted through Big Time Sound, so the only thing that changes for you is the individual you would be working with on the day of your event.

Why should I hire a DJ.  I could just download music on my I-Pod and it’s cheaper.

Good luck.  What you’re doing here is paying someone to guess weeks, if not months in advance what your guests are going to want to hear.  If you want to pay a self-proclaimed musical “swami” to look into his crystal ball and soothsay the future, hey…it’s your money!

A professional DJ is an experienced musical consultant.  A professional DJ works in advance with the bride and groom to tailor the music to the tastes of the bride, the groom and their friends and family.  Don’t like “The Chicken Dance”?  Where’s the rule that says it must be played?  When you work with Big Time Sound Mobile DJs, if you don’t want “The Cha Cha Slide”, just tell us.

DJs play these songs, like it or not, because they are most often requested by brides and grooms at these events. You might not like them, but that’s the case.  Though, every once in a while, a bride and groom will come along and ask that these songs not be played.  It’s no problem to us not to play them.  And, if they are requested, we have no problem saying to a guest:  “I’m sorry, but the bride and groom have specifically asked me not to play that song”.  But remember, if we say that to one of your guests, they may be coming to you next for an explanation.

A DJ that plays music the bride and groom doesn’t want to hear at their reception is not a professional DJ. And, truth be told, a lot of these “ego-ed out” cheesy DJs are typically the ones who are cheaper and have less experience. That’s why I say “experience matters”.  When you hire Big Time Sound DJs, you’re hiring DJs with over 20 years of experience satisfying the customer.

Lastly: an i-Pod has no lights to affect the mood of the patrons at your event.  An i-Pod is, in effect, a mini computer that plays a pre-loaded list of songs in order.  It cannot mix music. Your music flow will stop at the end of every song and, most likely, drive most people off the dance floor.  Also, an i-Pod lacks the one thing a professional DJ has:  a brain.  The i-Pod cannot tell if your dance floor crowd is getting tired and needs a musical change of pace.  And, an i-Pod can’t take requests.

Consider this.  What if you pick the music in advance, and your guests don’t like it? What can you do then?  If a DJ is there, the DJ can, on the fly, change the playlist and save your reception. Try doing that with an i-Pod!

How far in advance should we book? Will we have a contract for your services?

The sooner the better is always the best rule of thumb, popular dates go fast and typically, clients book anywhere from 6 months to a year in advance of their wedding dates. Yes we do provide a written contract that is designed to protect both parties and we believe, helps to put everyone’s mind at ease.

Do you accept credit cards?

We do! We accept cash, checks, debit cards with the credit card logos on them, and all major credit cards. The retainer amount of $100 to reserve your date is non-refundable, and is needed to reserve your date. Any amount that is paid above the retainer is refundable if the event is cancelled a minimum of six months prior to the event. Proof of cancellation with the venue may be required. The final balance is due fourteen days prior to the event date, giving you one less thing to think about on the day of your event.

How many people will I have to deal with when I call Big Time Sound? I really can’t afford to get my information “lost in the mix.”

From the very first time you contact Big Time Sound you will be working solely with the business owners. They handle every last bit of information for your event. Taking into consideration the importance of this day you cannot afford to have the details of your event miscommunicated or lost in a business office comprised of part-time employees. You deserve better than that.

What will the DJ wear?

Your DJs will wear a suit and tie unless you ask for something different. We look and act professionally at all times. However, if you’d like us in something else less formal or even theme clothing, let us know in advance. We are willing to accommodate your wishes.

Why am I finding such a wide range of prices from DJ services?

No two DJ services are the same. Some will charge you for set-up and take down, some for cheesy party props, extravagant lighting that doesn’t add to how good the DJ is, it just subtracts from your wallet, and our favorite, some will charge for their base package of only 3 hours leaving you in a position of having to pay for additional hours. We feel these are all unnecessary fees. We simply charge one flat fee of $995 for 6 hours. If you only want 4 hours, that’s no problem, just $795. The only possible additional charges are if you use us for more than 6 hours, and that’s 6 hours of actual and continuous music being played, NOT for set-up and removal time. If we need to move our equipment (i.e. ceremony is outside and reception is inside). The charge for moving equipment is $75. If you want to extend the party past the agreed upon contracted ending time, that would only be an additional $100 for every extra hour wanted. We also have uplighting and a wall or dance floor projection available for an additional charge of $200.

We feel that there is entirely too much price gouging in the wedding industry, and we strive to keep our prices reasonable and affordable for everyone.

Can we select the music that will be played?

Absolutely! We welcome your choices and will be happy to play what you want. There are usually a variety of ages to please and we have music for all available. We have a large music library. Many clients will choose some of their favorites and leave room for guest requests. If you are uncertain about the music, you can also just leave it up to us, and we will play to the crowd accordingly.

Will you meet with us before the event?

Of course! Remember, great parties don’t happen by accident. We will meet with you as many times as you require for no additional charge. We will help you coordinate, organize and help plan your party itinerary to maximize you and your guest’s enjoyment of your celebration. Big Time Sound makes this a major part of their entertainment service. For weddings, generally we like to meet with you two times. Once for the initial consultation and again around two weeks before the wedding to plan all the details. At these meeting we will discuss your music tastes. If there are songs (or even a genre) of music that you do not want played, we will honor that request even if a guest requests a banned song.

How far will you travel?

We travel to pretty much all of Western and Central NY.  We charge a travel fee for events outside Monroe County which is used to cover our DJs’ additional expenses like gas and tolls.  There is a $75 travel fee for the counties adjacent to Monroe County – .  If you are unsure where your event falls or is outside these areas, simply call or email and we’ll let you know.

Do the DJs expect tips?

We charge a professional rate for a professional service. This means you won’t see a tip jar on our table. As with all professional services, if at the end of the night you feel the DJ has surpassed your expectations and you want to tip him or her, we would accept it as the utmost compliment.

Should we feed the DJ?

One of our most popular questions! The answer is completely up to you. With setup and takedown time, we’ll often be at your event for nearly 8 hours. Our only request is that you let us know either way ahead of time. This way we can stop and pick something up along the way, if necessary. If you choose to provide a meal for the DJ, we’d greatly appreciate it. We suggest not including us in your count since usually at least one guest doesn’t show. But don’t worry if you’re working on a tight budget because there is no meal clause of any kind in our contract!