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What Are Some Venues Thinking!!

I am passionate about weddings, and helping brides and grooms have the best wedding reception…ever, so it breaks my heart when other wedding professionals unnecessarily do things that sabotage the day. I must begin by saying most wedding venues are exceptional and I am lucky enough to spend most of my time at these amazing […]

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The Gift of Paying Attention

By Elisabeth Scott Daley, WED®, ABC™ – Liz Daley Events “A Passion for Performance” The Difference Between a “Cheap” DJ and an “Expensive” DJ How Much? One thought will very quickly enter the mind of every bride beginning to plan a wedding. How Much? Usually followed by an expletive of some sort, when she begins […]

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Band or DJ? The Pros and Cons

When you and your fiancé have the inevitable band-versus-dj discussion, you need to think about what each has to offer before signing a contract. Our take? A great DJ is better than a mediocre band any day, but a live band has wonderful energy that you can’t get from recorded music. But before you decide, […]

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Should You Let Your Guests Request Songs??

I’ve discussed this topic with every Bride & Groom I’ve ever worked with…whether or not to allow their guests to make music requests at their wedding.  As a professional Wedding DJ for the past 21 years I’ve learned a lot, and I can tell you that it does make the party more interactive when your guests feel […]

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18 Unique First Dance Songs

Not that I have anything against Etta Jame’s “At Last“, Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud“, or  Michael Buble’s “Everything,” — they’re all perfect first dance songs — but I’ve heard them both WAY too many times at weddings. So we’ve compiled a list of totally not overused first dance songs… from the silly, to the romantic, […]

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Our Top 25 First Dance Songs

These have been some of our most popular first dance songs over the years.  Some well known, some not so much.  In no particular order……   “Amazed,” Lonestar “At Last,” Etta James “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” Elvis Presley “Here and Now,” Luther Vandross “How Sweet It Is (to Be Loved by You),” James Taylor […]

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Secrets to hiring your Wedding DJ

Secrets to Hiring a Wedding Reception DJ! THE INSIDE SECRETS TO HIRING A WEDDING RECEPTION DJ DJs have come a long way in the past 20 years, with a lot to choose from. Today there are very capable and exceptional women in the DJ business, also. However for easier reading I will refer to “the […]

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